Locust Moon Comics Festival

An annual celebration of comics and graphic arts, 2012-2015. Philadelphia, PA.


The Locust Moon Comics Festival has a zero tolerance policy in regards to harassment of attendees or of guests. We value the importance of a safe and inclusive space for all genders, ethnicities, sexual identities, orientations, religious affiliations, and political beliefs. There will be no room for verbal or physical abuse, unwanted contact, exploitative photography/video, stalking, or anything of that sort. Any individual found to be intentionally treating someone else in an inappropriate manner, in the Rotunda or the Locust Moon store, will be asked to leave the event for its entirety.

Anyone at the festival who feels like he or she is being subjected to harassment of any kind should immediately find and tell the closest volunteer or organizer (Andrew, KellyChris, or Josh), and the situation will be dealt with as quickly as humanly possible.

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