Locust Moon Comics Festival

An annual celebration of comics and graphic arts, 2012-2015. Philadelphia, PA.

Exhibitor List

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Here’s our full list of confirmed exhibitors (so far) for the inaugural Locust Moon Comics Festival:

Lara Antal / Dave Kelly
ArmzRace Comics
Pat Aulisio
Art Baxter
Carolyn Belefski / Joe Carabeo
Box Brown
Charles Brownstein / CBLDF
Nathan Bulmer / Brendan Leach/ Annie Mok
Sean Chang / Sally Madden / Matt Weigle
CO2 Comics
James Comey / Rob Woods
Kevin Czapiewski
Brady Dale
Farel Dalrymple
Andrew Davis
Alex Eckman-Lawn
Kate Farquhar
Michel Fiffe / Kat Roberts
Claire Folkman / Kelly Phillips / Mike Sgier
Dre Grigoropol / Edwin Vazquez
Peter Hoey / Maria Hoey / Coin-Op Studio
Asher Humm
J.G. Jones
Jeffro Kilpatrick / Philadelphia Cartoonist Society
Aaron Krolikowski
Terry LaBan
Jasen Lex
Locust Moon Press
Benjamin Marra
Chris McDonnell
Derick McKinley
L. Nichols
Morgan Pielli
Cody Pickrodt
Ed Piskor
Chris Pitzer / Ad House Books
Dave Proch
Rafer Roberts
Mark Robinson
Jim Rugg
Brady Russell
Ian Sampson
Tom Scioli
Steve Seck
Secret Acres
Katie Skelly
Pete Stathis
Jamie Tanner
JT Waldman

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